Monday, October 31, 2016

Goodbye October Hello November

I was going to call this The Long Weekend.  But can one really have a long weekend when in reality I pick up sub jobs when I can so I could have anywhere from a 2 day weekend to an infinite weekend?  I'm technically still on the weekend today actually.  Today is C's birthday so we're hanging out.  Happy Halloween & last day of October everyone!

Thursday was very chill.  I woke up, made coffee, & started catching up on blogs.  I hadn't read any since Tuesday morning & hadn't really responded to comments since then either so it took a bit to catch up.  The rest of my day looked a lot like the above.  I made some jalapeno ranch, aka crack, dip & caught up on some TV shows.  I watched some This Is Us & Hawaii Five-0.  While playing games on my cell phone & blogging.

I spent more time catching up on fall TV shows.  I got caught up on Chicago Fire & NCIS: LA.  While catching up on shows I also attempted to get some work done on a lit review for class as well as blogging.  I took a midday break to run to Target since I had gotten a gift card from my friend Kayla on Tuesday.  I needed a new dry erase calendar so I bought one of those as well as a new journal for when my next 101 in 1001 starts.  While there I also picked up a card & gift for my friend Sonja who is 3 days younger than me.  When the mail arrived my birthday celebration just continued.  I got another sweet note & a couple of gift cards from my friend Kristie. #BestFriendsEver

Not going to lie, the only reason I got out of bed at a decent time was because the prompt for the #herestoyouoctober Instagram challenge was breakfast.  I spent the day being productive with periods of non-productivity.  I worked on my literature review a little bit, finally put away my laundry, picked up my room, emailed a principal about a permanent teaching job, applied with a MLB team for a position, & also did a lot of nothing in between.  As my first Saturday with nothing to do, and no money, I wanted to keep it that way.  So I grabbed a bottle of wine I already had & threw in a couple of chick flicks.  I watched The Notebook & Sweet Home Alabama.  I debated watching Serendipity but ultimately decided to go to bed.  I fell asleep almost right away but then woke up an hour or two later & was wide awake for a couple of hours so I read.

After three straight days of not really leaving the house or doing anything I knew I needed to get out of the house for a bit.  So I looked at the things I had on my Fun In DFW list & picked out a couple of free things in Fort Worth.  Since I had gotten a gift card for my birthday, my first stop was Starbucks for a salted caramel mocha & everything bagel with cream cheese.

After I ate I headed to the Fort Worth Water Garden.  The weather was really nice & it was really peaceful just hanging out by the different pools all by myself.

Next up was the stockyards.  I've actually been here a ton & it's not on the list but there was a cattle drive at 11:30 & I've never seen it so I decided why not.  Then I just wandered around taking pictures.  While taking pictures I met a sweet old man who asked me where I was from & then told me about the theater we were standing across from that's no longer open and what it was like when he was young.  He also told me about his wife had just turned 70 & he had taken her on a cruise and was trying to walk off the 5 lbs he had gained on the cruise.

My final stop on my little outing was the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.  It really didn't last all that long because there was a wedding happening so most of it was closed to the public.  I would like to go back sometime though when it's open so that I can see more.

I stopped at Subway on my way home for lunch since I had also gotten a gift card for there for my birthday.  When I got home it was nap time.  I was so exhausted from having been out & about all day & sleeping like crap the night before.  I slept for a solid hour & a half before people started texting me.  I laid in bed a little while longer & then got up.  I still didn't really do anything.  I watched the end of the Packers/Falcons game, ran to Walmart, & then sat down to work more on my paper & blog for a bit.


  1. Sorry if this is my second comment - Blogger is telling me that my comment was published? Anyway, I like that journal. I got my current one at Target, too. I've put a ridiculous amount of thought into whether I want a spiral-bound one next (concerned about the pages tearing out too easily). That old man sounds nice. Sweet of him to take her on a cruise.

  2. I feel like you were super productive this weekend and I can't wait to see what's on your next 101 in 1001!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I know we all say it every year but wow this year just flew by.. can't believe it's almost over! Hello November

  4. hahah I agree with it was a really long week
    happy halloween

  5. Sounds like a nice weekend full of some good shows, good food and what pretty flowers. I'd want to go back there and explore more too. Happy Halloween!!

  6. what a good idea to use a journal for your 1001 lists. i might try that if i ever make a big list like that again.

  7. I really need to catch up on fall TV! The Ft. Worth Water Gardens look so pretty! I've been telling Chris we need to spend a day in Ft. Worth soon!

  8. Awesome weekend! I got so behind on blogs last week too. Those pictures from the botanical gardens are beautiful.

  9. Botanical gardens are my favvvvvooorrriiittteeeeee. I have a feeling after this upcoming weekend, I'm going to need a lazy weekend like this one.