Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall Goals Check In

I posted about my fall goals here & since it's been just over a month since I started them, I thought I'd check in to see how I've done over this past month.

1. Get to goal weight [#12 on 28 by 28]

2. Run a 5k [#9 on 28 by 28/#24 on 101 in 1001]

3. Read 4 books [#10 on 28 by 28/#9 on 101 in 1001] In Progress
I'm working on book #2.  I read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass.  It could maybe be considered 2 books but because they were in the same book I'm counting it as one.  I'm currently reading The Oath.

4. Meet a blogger [#20 on 28 by 28]
If any bloggers in the DFW area would like to help me accomplish this one...hit me up! (Or ya know even if it doesn't happen before my birthday it'd still be pretty sweet.)

5. Try 4 new restaurants [#21 on 101 in 1001] In Progress
I've visited 2 so far: FunkyTown Donuts & Brewed.  Both of these were also on my Fort Worth Food list.

6. Attend trivia night [#37 on 101 in 1001]

7. Donate blood [#19 on 28 by 28/#42 on 101 in 1001]

8. Visit Nashville [#90 on 101 in 1001] In Progress
I almost just said pass.  It's going to happen.  I'll be there Oct 21-23 for my birthday.

9. Food festival [#58 on 101 in 101

10. Edit Netflix watch list [#99 on 101 in 1001] PASS 
I did this one right away.  I deleted quite a few shows off my list that I'll never actually watch.


  1. I would meet you if I wasn't in SC!

  2. You know I would Meet you too!! Love your goals. I used to do a trivia night years ago....so FUN!!

  3. i bet you could find a nashville blogger to meet on your trip! that would be fun :) that's how i've met any bloggers i have met lol, no-one comes to KY ;)

    1. I'll be there in either June or December of next year!

  4. Trivia night is on my list too, and I just found some in my area through this website Geeks Who Drink which lists trivia nights by state- there are quite a few in Texas too! I love going away for my birthday too, and Nashville is on my list! Have a fabulous time!