Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer Goals Check In

1. Attend 2 concerts [#5 on 28 by 28]: DONE!

2. Don't use credit card for 1 month [#8 & #26 on 28 by 28/#69 & 92 on 101 in 1001]: DONE!

As of right now I still haven't used my credit card since June 4th...so over 2 months.

3. Read 6 books [# 10 on 28 by 28/#9 on 101 in 1001] IN PROGRESS!

I'm at 2 right now... still the same 2 that I read my very first week of summer vacation...I have one month to read 4 books.  (Well 3.5 because I'm still halfway through a book)

4. Get to goal weight [#12 on 28 by 28] IN PROGRESS!

I don't actually know what I'm at because I refuse to use my parents' scale because it always seems to read the exact same thing.  I'll weigh myself when I get moved into my new place on Saturday & go from there.

5. Have tarot read [#18 on 28 by 28] NOT YET!

Hasn't happened yet.  I might try to find a Groupon & do it when I get back.

6. Average 10k steps a day for a month [personal goal]: NOPE!

My Fitbit was being too much of a pain for me to keep wearing it.  It wasn't always tracking so I just stopped caring.

7. Start learning Spanish [#27 on 28 by 28]: IN PROGRESS!

I've been using Duolingo off & on.  I was doing great for awhile but between getting ready for a family reunion & Wefest this past week, I haven't done it in awhile

8. Start learning guitar [#21 on 28 by 28]: IN PROGRESS!

And by in progress I mean I've learned one chord...

9. Finish 1000 piece puzzle [#28 on 28 by 28/#95 on 101 in 1001] NOT YET!

I had started one.  I realized I was missing multiple pieces though so I chucked it in the trash.

10. Outdoor movie [#50 on 101 in 1001] DONE!

With 1 month to go I'm at:

3/10 complete
4/10 in progress
2/10 not started
1/10 failed


  1. i need to get back on my German lessons. After we arrived in Germany, I completely stopped. Now that I have a basic vocab knowledge, I'm thinking of trying rosetta stone or just hiring a tutor. I know that eventually I'll have German guests, so this would be helpful when the time comes.

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