Friday, July 15, 2016

Slow Down Summer

July is half over?!  Say what?!  I will be back in Texas in less than a month.  How is that possible??

I went to go visit my friend Laura.  I hadn't seen her in probably 2 years.  I love that we have the type of friendship where we don't talk all that often, & see each other even less, but when we do talk & see each other again it's like no time has passed at all.  Because it was a rainy day we decided to get lunch & then do a tour of the Glensheen Mansion since neither of us had ever done that before.  Not gonna lie, very quickly into it once we noticed that there were random rubber ducks, & asked why they were there (the world's largest rubber duck is coming to town in August), the self guided tour became less about the mansion & more about how many ducks we could find.

This is the only picture I have, & it' of one of my mom's coworker's backyard, but it doesn't really do the flooding justice.  Monday there were crazy storms in Minnesota.  There were tornadoes accompanied by massive amounts of rain.  My parents' place got somewhere around 8 inches that day/night.  By the middle of the week, even though Tuesday & Wednesday were dry, there were back roads that were still washed out & flooded as well as highways that were shut down where there were bridges because the water was just too high.  Brag on my brother moment, my mom & I had barely gotten back home from an appointment I had & errands out of town, when he showed up to borrow my dad's truck so he could take it into down & go help sandbag.  Makes a big sister so proud.  *sniffle*

Over on my other blog, Country Music Hipsters, that I write with my friend, we have a weekly post of songs, both new & old, that we highly recommend you add to your playlist.  If you like country music you should definitely check the playlist out.

This picture serves no real purpose other than the fact that my dog is adorable & I love him to bits.  Clearly he loves me too.  Plus, I didn't have a picture to fit my job interview news so I figured, "who doesn't love a dog?!"  On Wednesday morning I had THE weirdest interview of my life.  Even weirder than this one I had back in June.  It was a phone interview for an ESL (English Second Language) teaching position.  I should know by next week how it went.

Thursday was cold & rainy so I decided to spend the day like I was 7 instead of 27.  I worked on my puzzle, watched Disney movies, drank hot chocolate with whipped cream, & ate smores...all in my sweats.  Throwback Thursday at its finest.  On the same day that I decided to act like a child & not adult anymore I also got accepted to grad school!  I will officially be starting my Master's in Communications this fall at Tarleton.


  1. Days spent as a girlie...priceless!!! Love the smores and hot chocolate drinking!! I adore country so totally checking that out and yes, your sweet pup wins stinkin' adorable like his mama!!!

    1. I love him so much. He's definitely my favorite dog that I've ever had.

  2. That flooding is crazy! I cannot believe the damage it can do sometimes

  3. That is my kind of throwback Thursday. Now I am really craving a smore!

  4. I'll admit that the picture that caught my eye the most was the Aladdin still. I think I will totally set up a puzzle today. Why not. Way more entertaining that watching BF scroll through insta and FB and watching youtube videos all day. Also, how in the shit is he still finding "awesome things on the internet" videos? HOOOOWWWW?? We've had to have watched like every single one ever by now. /wrist.

    Finally, now I need a smore. Good thing I have smore oreos in the pantry. #gameon