Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's A Good Night For Dancin

In just over a month & a half my friend Kristie will be getting married. This past weekend I attended a wedding reception of sorts for my cousin Andy.  They got married months ago but since they live in Florida & just had a really small wedding, it was a way for all of us in Minnesota to meet his new wife & celebrate.  I had nothing really planned for today, & last week I wrote about different types of bachelorette parties/what I might want, so I thought it would be fun to post about what I'd like my wedding to be like.  I've always been the type of girl to plan her wedding.  I've had an account on knot.com since I was 12 or 13. I used to have a massive pinterest board with 100s & 100s of pins.  One day though I up & decided to delete all boards baby, wedding, & home related because none of those were in my immediate future.  I did randomly start a board again probably around the time of Mr. Oklahoma, however there isn't a ton on there, at least not compared to my old board.  If you want to see the whole board you can click here.

The Dress


The Men
I love this idea.......I'm a big fan of suits but  this for an early fall wedding would be amazing! And cheaper too!:

Kid Stuff

The Venue/Decorations


Sunflowers For Days

If I were to get engaged today, here is a rundown of what I'd want:
-An October wedding
-Sparrow Creek Ranch in Texas
-Short navy blue bridesmaid dresses
-A lace wedding dress
-Men in jeans
-Navy, sunflower yellow, brown (or gray??)
-A little bit of I do, a whole lot of fun


  1. I'm just going to say, on the record, that Kate Middleton stole my dress plan. While part of me wants the picturesque wedding, part of me just wants to go to the courthouse and then have an epic party afterwards... but I need that white dress. I NEEDS IT.