Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fort Worth Food

Last June, after 3 years I packed up my stuff & left Houston.  I placed it all in storage & headed back to Minnesota for the summer as always.  When I got back a created a board on Pinterest & titled it My New Home.  I looked for things to do & places to eat in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  In August I headed to my new apartment in Fort Worth...and never looked at that board again.

I didn't take nearly enough advantage of living in a new city.  I didn't explore it like I had intended.  I will not make that mistake again. In a month I'll be back down there.  I don't know exactly where I'll be living just yet, I'm still looking for a new apartment and/or roommate, but I do know that I'm going to do my best to explore more of the DFW area.

I took a look at the lists that I had pinned, the one's specifically related to DFW & not Texas as a whole, & created my own lists to put into my bullet journal.  Over the next 4 weeks I'm going to share my lists with you.  Fort Worth restaurants, Dallas restaurants, Fort Worth activities, Dallas activities.

I don't expect to eat at all of these places/do all of these activities in a year, but I do want to try as many as possible while I'm living in the DFW area.

Fort Worth Food
1. 44Bootlegger
2. Angelo's Bar-B-Que
3. Arlington Steak House
4. Avoca Coffee
5. Bailey's Barbecue
6. Bentley's
7. Billy's Oak Acres BBQ
8. Brewed
9. Campisi's
10. Carshon's Deli
11. Cattlemen's Steak House
12. Cork & Pig Tavern
13. Del Frisco's Grille
14. Earls 377
15. Enchiladas Ole
16. Funky Town Donuts
17. George's Specialty Foods
18. Grain & Dairy
19. Griff's Hamburgers
20. Cane Rosso
21. Joe T Garcia's
22. Kincaids
23. Little Red Wasp
24. M&M Steak House
25. Mama's Pizza
26. Margie's Original Italian Kitchen
27. Max's Wine Dive
28. Meat U Anywhere Barbeque
29. Melt Ice Creams
30. Mexican Inn Cafe
31. Pacific Table
32. Paris Coffee Shop
33. Riscky's
34. Rodeo Goat
35. Salsa Limon
36. Sammie's Bar-B-Q
37. Taco Heads
38. The Bearded Lady
39. The Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge
40. The Original Mexican Eats Cafe
41. The Smoke Pit
42. Tina's Cocina
43. Torchy's Tacos
44. Trevino's
45. Waters
46. Zeke's Fish & Chips


  1. Um, can I head there now? Look at all these fabulous places to eat. Talk about a great foodie trip!

    1. I'm excited! You should definitely head that way & spend a weekend eating all the food!

  2. Such a great list! We have a Max's Wine Dive near us too that I want to try. :)

  3. I'm so bad at pinning away and then never looking at it again- I need to write things down! I have a similar list of restaurants in my area too! Loving all the Mexican and taco ones listed.