Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thanks For The Memories

I had originally planned on doing a post on things that I need to let go, and then I didn't want to.  So then I just didn't have a post.  I was going to leave today empty.  However, then around 8 pm my friend Kayla tagged me in the following photo on instagram.

Our dorm came down.  It's been almost 9 years since I first called Holes Hall home.  It both seems like a lifetime ago & yet I remember it like it just happened yesterday.

It was here where I had my first taste of freedom.

It was here where I had to share a room for the first time in my life.

It was here where I stopped being able to sleep in a room where it was dead silent.

It was here where the sound of the train went from keeping me up to putting me to sleep.

It was here that the garbage truck would wake me up in the morning because the dumpster was outside our window.

It was here where everyone would come into the dorm room that Heather & I shared to watch The Hills, Grey's Anatomy, & A Shot At Love.

It was here where strangers turned into friends who turned into family.

It was here where I learned how to write excellent essays mere hours before they were due.

It was here that I learned how important girlfriends are.

It was here where meeting new people was as easy as always leaving your dorm room door open so that people could pop in whenever.

It was here where I last ate Ramen noodles & drank Karkov vodka.

It was here where our dorm room turned into the place to get ready for parties, nights out, birthdays.

It was here where I saw both friendships and relationships alike begin & end.

It was here where the other 4th floor girls decorated my room for my birthday while I was I seeing my college boyfriend off to basic training.

It was here where I thought that I had life all figured out.

It was here where we would psych ourselves out over the haunted buildings on campus.

It was here where we felt fearless & untouchable.

It was here that I felt so grateful for having a room next to the cool RA rather than the one who definitely didn't want to be there.

It was here where I started gaining girly qualities.

It was here where I surprisingly didn't gain the freshmen 15.

It was here where I started a 5 year journey & made countless memories.

RIP WW Holes Hall

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  1. They are tearing down one of the central buildings at NCSU this summer and it's kind of sad for me. I didn't have that many classes there, but it was a round, non-brick building in the middle of a campus full of square, brick buildings. It was hard to get around and bathrooms were hard to find and you literally had to walk a spiral up the inside to get to the top (unless you took the stairs outside which were added later). Classrooms were tiny, but dammit, it's part of my history at NCSU. "Meet at Harrelson Hall in front of the library?" "Ok."

    Now.. no more Harrelson. Boooooo.

    Also, growing up and old sucks.